IFTA Conference October 24

Trading or Investing? – The Financial Markets after the Lockdown

How to invest after the lockdown? How will markets develop and what is the technical outlook? How and when to enter the market with a short-, mid- and longterm perspective?

This year IFTA Conference will give you the right answers to questions like these and will cover a lot more about investing and trading after the lockdown.

With Speakers from all over the world the IFTA will present within 24 hours the best from investing, trading and technical analysis. Prepare yourself for more insights, more knowledge and more strategies than ever on October 24th 2020.

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About IFTA

The International Federation of Technical Analysts is a non-profit federation of 24 societies who individually and jointly dedicate themselves to

  • Research, education, camaraderie and dissemination of technical analysis of world markets. The IFTA societies support sharing technical analytical methodology that at its highest level is a valid, and often-indispensable element in the formulation of a reasonable basis for investment decisions.
  • Promotion of the highest standards of professional conduct, international cooperation and scholarship between all its Member and Developing Societies within all arenas of technical analysis.
  • Providing centralized international exchange for information and data of various financial centers while respecting individual country and Society business practices, legal structures and customs.
  • Encouraging the standardization of education and testing of its constituent members in technical analysis, making sure that each individual country’s security analyst licensing, legal and language /communication priorities continue to be individually accepted.

As a growing bridge of communication worldwide, IFTA remains open to methods of technical analysis, while encouraging the consideration and support of membership for both developing and established societies.