IFTA Conference October 24

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Welcome to the 33rd IFTA Conference!

2020 is one of the most exciting and eventful years in recent history. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) became the new normal. What we had previously taken for granted became impossible and what had previously seemed impossible became self-evident. A true crisis-opportunity.

In life and markets change is constant, everything that was and is familiar to us up to now has been shaken up. This applies in particular to the way we come together. The last 32 years of IFTA conferences have always been local, in one country, hosted by one of our member societies. This year, the IFTA Conference is hosted by the Association of Technical Analysts in Germany (VTAD) – yet it does not take place in Germany. It will be worldwide, hosted in a digital virtual space.

This conference is special not only because of this reason, but also because IFTA opens its doors to likeminded professionals. Traders, investors, if you trade privately or professionally, or just want to see how to manage your assets – the 33rd IFTA Conference offers something for everyone.

Leading by example, our keynote speakers Linda Raschke, Larry Williams, John Bollinger and Dr. Van K. Tharp, are the most well-known personalities who have been dealing with one and the same topic for decades – professional trading.

At the same time, however, we will also let the experts from the various member societies share their voice. Experts from all parts of the world are waiting for you with their respective strategies, analysis and ideas.

We also offer a broad thematic selection. In addition to the charting technical analysis of selected assets and a critical outlook for the coming months, our experts also present numerous proven strategies and discuss the most important cross assets, notably Stocks, Commodities, Cryptos and Forex.

Another important topic featured will be Trading Psychology. As trading becomes more and more demanding this side of the equation needs to be covered as well.

…and the grand finale!

Back to digitalization again. Just as digitalization has found its way into all our lives, as this online conference demonstrates, it has already changed the world of finance. Where technical analysis used to be practiced with a ruler and pencil, artificial intelligence now takes over trading decisions.

In order to get a concrete perspective and to learn how trading has changed over the decades and will continue to do so, we will discuss with Larry Williams, Linda Raschke, Raul Glavan and Adrian Koemel in our panel discussion.

Dear visitor, I cordially invite you to participate in our conference – and also to become a part of our community in IFTA.

Wieland Arlt, CFTe

About IFTA

The International Federation of Technical Analysts is a non-profit federation of 24 societies who individually and jointly dedicate themselves to

  • Research, education, camaraderie and dissemination of technical analysis of world markets. The IFTA societies support sharing technical analytical methodology that at its highest level is a valid, and often-indispensable element in the formulation of a reasonable basis for investment decisions.
  • Promotion of the highest standards of professional conduct, international cooperation and scholarship between all its Member and Developing Societies within all arenas of technical analysis.
  • Providing centralized international exchange for information and data of various financial centers while respecting individual country and Society business practices, legal structures and customs.
  • Encouraging the standardization of education and testing of its constituent members in technical analysis, making sure that each individual country’s security analyst licensing, legal and language /communication priorities continue to be individually accepted.

As a growing bridge of communication worldwide, IFTA remains open to methods of technical analysis, while encouraging the consideration and support of membership for both developing and established societies.